Monday, 6 June 2011

The Artefact. Chapter Five. Outline

Having issues getting this talk-heavy chapter written, so here's a basic outline...

Foster is led to the sealed quarters of Pettifer, 'the guy'. After a quick talk to Milo and Greg explaining how he requires privacy, no image or audio recording etc. Milo and Greg agree, and leave Foster alone to interview Pettifer. M&G retire to a side room, full of surveillance equipment. Greg asks Milo why he lied to Foster. Milo explains that anything said about the artifact could be immensely valuable to potential buyers.
Pettifer is sat quietly in the darkened room, and remains silent as Foster enters the room, introduces himself and places the PIC in the centre of the table.
In the surveillance room, M&G watch as Foster and Pettifer have a very dull, very 'small-talk' conversation, then sit quietly for several minutes. Nothing is asked about the artifact or even specifically about Pettifer.
Then Milo and Greg watch as Foster shakes Pettifer's hand and leaves the room. They meet him outside the room, and Foster says he's learned everything he needs and is incredibly hungry. He asks if Greg can suggest anywhere to eat, and says that he will inspect the artifact after the meal.

Yes, I know this sounds uneventful and boring, its supposed to be. Still doesn't make it any easier to write.

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